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Pukekohekohe Red Brick

Pukekohekohe Red Brick

Pukekohe is an abbreviation of Puke kohekohe meaning “Hill of the kohekohe tree”. Pukekohe is an established rural service town 50km south of Auckland. Rich in history with its links to the nearby Waikato River, it was linked with Auckland by rail in 1875. There are many Victorian through to mid-century modern red brick houses. 

The design process navigated some complexities with a cross lease section, drainage works for subdivision and rebuilding within the footprint of the old Bungalow that burnt down in the 90s. Designed to be used initially as a residential dwelling, with the site zoned for business use the form and structure have been designed to allow conversion to commercial use in the future.

Photography: TOA Architects


  • Client: Rodney Fox Rentals
  • Location: 25 West Street, Pukekohe
  • Floor Area: 150sq.m
  • Programme: Residential
  • Consultants: Dodd Civil Consultants Ltd., Consult QS
  • Contractor: Hutton Builders
  • Status: Completed October 2019