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Nicole Donoso

Nicole Donoso

Architectural Graduate

"La vivienda social requiere calidad, no caridad profesional" 

(Translation) “Social housing requires quality, not professional charity” 

– Alejandro Aravena

Originally from Chile, it was at the University of Santiago de Chile where Nicole trained. During this time, she actively participated in architectural projects which focused on the resolution of problems linked to vulnerable sectors of society.

This taught her how to critically think about the impact of Architecture on social development, and how this influences the quality of people’s lives.

After graduating, Nicole gained experience in Chile as a site inspector in two different roles. Firstly, quantifying economic damage for residential property effected by major earthquakes and secondly, preparing on going summaries, reports and existing drawings, for the construction of hospitals across the country.

Nicole now lives in New Zealand, where she worked for a construction company, before joining the team at TOA Architects.

  • 2014 Bachelor of Architecture - University of Santiago USACH, Chile