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Tegan Ingram

Tegan Ingram

Senior Architectural Graduate


  • 2018 Master of Architecture (Professional), - The University of Auckland
  • 2016 Bachelor of Architectural Studies - The University of Auckland

Brought up in Aoteroa’s Waitakere Ranges, Tegan developed a passion for art and architecture and a love for the land.

Tegan has always felt that practising the art of architecture allows her to use her creative skills (wairua). Her surroundings became Influential to her Masters thesis “Hononga ki te wahi: Connection to place”. It investigates local Moari narratives which relate to the landscape of the west coast of the Waitakere ranges, to create architecture which connects to the landscape and creates a greater sense of place.

Since joining TOA Architects, Tegan has focused on refining her design and delivery skills whilst developing her technical knowledge. She has worked on a range of projects from Residential, commercial and civic.